Out Of My Face

During the summer I was producing a project for Jeremy Staylo and this song bangs hard, so here is the single called Out Of My Face

Stop the Traffic (End Human Slavery)

We can all change the world by buying this album on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/stop-traffic-end-human-slavery/id924218450 and did you know that if a 100 thousand people buy 1 song for 99 cents that is a lot of girls being set free from the sex trade and a lot of homes, schools, and orphanages being built.

Great news: AMERICA'S GOT TALENT on Feb 9th

You are confirmed for your audition for SEATTLE February 9.

Name: Kris Auest
Act Name: Tha Gate Keepa
Act Description: Musician
Arrival Time: 8:00 AM
SEATTLE - February 9

We won producer of the year

I just wanna say a huge thank you to www.Crunkforchristradio.com Calvin PCrunk McCoy DjDa Dre and all that voted. Thank you for this great opportunity and open door for ministry and music. Winning producer of the year as Soundamentalists is an honor and a blessing. If a team from Canada can be the only Canadians to win producer of the yr in Atlanta Georgia then we can make www.Crunkforchristradio.com the #1 station as well as bless their ministry beyond their imagination.