$200 Contest giveaway

Gate Keepa Music now has a great contest going on and the 1st 200 people that purchase Stop The Traffic (End Human Slavery) there will be one lucky winner that will receive $200, but in order to get it you need a paypal and you have to inbox me your phone # in my contact box so I can call you to let you know that you have won the $200 http://thagatekeepa.bandcamp.com/album/stop-the-traffic-end-human-slavery 


July 31st Tha Gate Keepa will be at Creation Fest NW

As of 4 days ago I found out that I will performing at Creation Fest in the North West on July 31st. I am thankful and honored that this open door opportunity has been given to me.

Stop The Traffic (End Human Slavery)

 The slavery of women must end. With your help we can do this and did you know that if 50 thousand people purchase this album on iTunes it will save a lot of lives, build homes, schools, and orphanages, and so much more. John Perks is who i signed the contract with and you can check out www.beahero.org to see where the funding is going to. https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/stop-traffic-end-human-slavery/id924218450 

Get Your Beats Today

Get your Beats today for a fair price and enjoy making great music.
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Out Of My Face

During the summer I was producing a project for Jeremy Staylo and this song bangs hard, so here is the single called Out Of My Face